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Recycled wood products for sale


Recycle Wood Products

Pine Saw Dust

Pine sawdust is perfect for repurposing. Here is a list that you can use pine sawdust:
  1. Clean up spills in your workshop.
  2. Dispose of old paint.
  3. Fill in cracks in wood projects.
  4. Drying fresh wood.
  5. Outdoor paths.
  6. Mulch.
  7. Compost.
  8. Animal bedding.

Dry Pine Firewood

Since pine is so easily accessible in the Asheville NC area it would make sense that people would want to use it as firewood. Some people will say pine should never be used as firewood and some will say that it burns fine. … Pine is considered a soft wood and when dried or seasoned properly it burns hot and rather fast.

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Pine Chips 1/2" Dry

Great for animal bedding, poultry, equine, and rabbit. Also can be used for mulch. Water retention, reduced evaporation and improved soil moisture all result from mulch use. Properly applied mulches reduce soil compaction, erosion, weeds and salt buildup in soils. To enjoy shredded pine benefits, mulch your garden before weeds take hold.

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